When we build new houses or apartments for sale, we’re aiming to achieve a perfect balance between the quality of the space we are creating and the cost of building it.

We are trying to use good quality long-lasting materials but at the same time need to be mindful of the budget we have to play with that’s how we can maximise our profit and the returns for our investors.

But what we sell is an empty shell of a home.

The buying criteria are a number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the kitchen and living room, parking space.

It’s not easy to imagine how the empty rooms can transform into a beautiful home.

Staging it in real life to create a luxurious feel may be pricey. Good quality furniture, designer art and interiors don’t come cheap. On top of that, you have to pay for storage. You can also get the interior design and hire the furniture on a minimum three months contract, which will also come with a substantial price tag.

The beauty of CGI is that whether you choose designer artwork or furniture, the investment is somewhat the same. But the perceived value and high-end touch added to space give the extra OOmph to your project and creates the desire.

Different options will spark the imagination and make the buyer believe they already purchased the house or apartment, and now they are just ‘hanging the curtains’ and making it ‘homey’.

Make-belief and flipping forward to the future are compelling tools in the sales process. In your buyers’ minds, they already bought the place, and now they will overcome any of the objections they would typically have to convince themselves they are making the right decision, also known as self-closing.

What would your sale process look like if you could fill the empty shells of the future homes with cosiness, warmth and luxury?

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